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What is RoDTEP? Indian Governmental Authorities are yet to notify the latest RoDTEP Rates

Indian voluminous exporters are eagerly waiting for the latest RoDTEP rates to be released soon by the governmental authorities. According to India Export data, over 900 Indian exporters will possibly get a refund on the export duties and taxes paid to export items from India to other countries at large volume. To begin with, RoDTEP stands for Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products. The scheme will be effective from 1st January 2021. Since it is the first weekend of January already, the exporters are yet on the line to be notified about the final refund rates. For our valuable exporters and investors, Cybex Exim solutions bring out the inside details about the RoDTEP scheme and how will it benefit the exporters?

RoDTEP Refunds and the ability to use them again!

It is quite clear that the Government of India, especially the Finance Ministry, is going beyond to keep its exporters on the verge of profit. India Export data depicts that Indian exporters are required to pay heavy tax rates and duties in order to proceed with a successful shipment of items to other countries. However, with RoDTEP, those exports who before were required to pay heavy duties and tax rates will now enjoy refunds. According to a few resources, it has been confirmed that the respective refunds will be made directly to the exporters' ledger accounts.

Not only this, but under this scheme, the refund that will be made to the ledger accounts will remain reusable by the respective exporters to pay for additional duties and taxes ahead in the future. For example, an export can use the refunded amount to pay basic custom duties on imported products. Above all, exporters will have the power to transfer these refunds to importers-in-business in order to balance out payments.

Are all exporters eligible to apply for RoDTEP?

To begin with, for now, G.K. The Pillai committee and other authorities have not released any official information regarding the eligibility of the scheme. However, it has been made clear that not all exporters will be able to avail the benefit of the scheme as they must announce an acceptable reason behind their application submission for the scheme.

Why does India choose to release the RoDTEP scheme?

According to the latest reports on India Export data with, India Exporters earlier enjoy benefits of MEIS scheme. It is a global scheme that was later rejected by the United States because of the violation in Global Trade norms. MEIS stands for Merchandise Export from India Scheme. It was launched to provide incentives on goods which were exported from India. However, it's guidelines were different. And, thus, the profit of the scheme wasn't directed to exporters.

Hence, RoDTEP is a substitute scheme and holds high hopes for exporters in India. For steady India Export data and foreign trade data evaluation, visit

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